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DEA shpk ( commercial name ED Juices ) has been established in 1992, it is located in Berat, Albania. The company entered in the refreshing drinks business producing in plastic bottles PET. Has been awarded with many different international prices for the quality of her products. In 2007 it started the production of fruit juices in carton containers TetraPak in 1L and 0.25L formats.

In 2009 , with the increasing demand, it invested in another production line and brought to the market , juices and refreshing drinks in aluminium cans 0.25L format.

In December 2017 , the company installed an another completely new production line of refreshing drinks with very high quality . 

In May 2018 it finished installing its newest production line in carton containers 2L format TetraPak .

Today teh company has a production capacity of 30.000 litters per hour. The raw materials which are used have the highest certifications standards from EU.

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